Thursday, March 30, 2023

Italian Wedding

 Yuma, Arizona         High 69 Low 50

After some really nice days, today turned cool with lots of wind predicted. It is still better than freezing temperatures and snow like Utah has been having.

We attended what was called an Italian Wedding Without the Bride or Groom. It was a pitch in of about 5 couples at a table for the whole Park. We weren't going to go, but invited to go at the last day.

There were lots of costumes and everyone had fun. One of the ladies at our table went, what she called dessert hopping, after we had finished eating.

Cindy found these table cloths at an estate sale and brought them for this event. We thought the olives looked Italian.

Dressed up like a Priest and Nunn.

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  1. You guys just have WAY too much fun in that park!!! Dessert hopping .... right up my alley!!!!!