Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Baby and Another Quilt

Riverton, Utah            High 75 Low 48

The wind blew a lot yesterday and we got some rain this morning along with some cooler temperatures.

We got woke up early this morning telling us that Teesa had her baby. She was scheduled for a cesarean this morning at about 9:30, but JJ decided that he was ready at about 3 this morning. The official time was 4:11 am. He weighed in at a little over 7 pounds. JJ is our 8th great grand child. Teesa is Cindy's oldest grand daughter.

Teesa says he looks just like Ryler but with more hair than when Ryler was born.

We drove to Provo where she and JJ are to see them. Cindy acted the happy great grand mother. Teesa acted tired but was glad it was over.

I got another quilt finished. This one took me 8 full days to quilt because Cindy wanted different colors on each of the different colored borders with tight white meander on the embroidered squares. This quilt was one of her first quilts but she told me that she didn't want me to quilt it until I got good with the machine. We both think it turned out pretty well.

We have decided to try to leave for Yuma next Tuesday if the weather looks like it is cooperating. We won't leave if it is windy like yesterday.

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  1. Congratulations. And the circle of life continues. The quilt is lovely.

  2. Beautiful work, beautiful quilt. I hope you enter it in some shows.

  3. Congratulations on another great grand baby!! How exciting!!
    Yup that quilt is gorgeous!! I love love the colors and embroidery. I'm curious what brand of machine you have. Yeah, I may be looking ... just looking. LOL

  4. I have computer run Gammill with Statler Stitcher.