Saturday, September 7, 2019

Another Funeral

Riverton, Utah           High 83 Low 62

My first cousin, Grant Warner, died Monday night after a fairly long illness. he was almost 8 months older than I am.

When we were growing up they lived about 3 miles from where we lived and I remember riding my bike to see and play with him a lot. We were so close to the same age that we were good friends.

After we left school, we kind of drifted apart, but we ran into each other once in a while. I remember working on his furnace once. Mostly we saw each other at his parents funerals and then my parents.

I also worked on his daughters furnace one time.

Grant had a large family and a lot of brothers and sister. He was the oldest of 9 children so our parents must have believed in large families. I didn't even know most of my younger cousins.

Grant had a good turn out for his funeral yesterday. There were a lot of family and his friends there.

Again, all of these funerals remind me of how old I'm getting. This makes five family funerals in the last nine months.

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  1. Sorry for yet another loss to your family.
    Be Safe and take care of yourselves and don't dwell on your age.

  2. So sorry to hear of another loss in your family. It's a reminder that we should be enjoying every minute we have left.