Wednesday, August 7, 2019

We Are Still Here

Riverton, Utah        High 83 Low 67

Today was cooler than it has been. Salt Lake set a new record high for August 2nd.  It was cloudy all day today with rain predicted tomorrow. 

Cindy has been busy freezing apricots and using her new embroidery machine. In the 3 months she has had it, the store we bought it at, told her she had used it as much as a person normally would in a year, so we took it in for it's yearly tune-up yesterday and got it back today. She says she is kind of burned out on embroidering for a while. She wanted to get a lot of her embroidery ready to take to Yuma.

Monday and last night we went to classes on operating the machine and Cindy found out some things she didn't know about the sewing machine. When she went she thought it would be just basics and probably wouldn't find out anything new but, surprise, she found out her machine has lots of toys built in.

I  have been busy quilting and doing various repairs to our home.

I also got the front brakes replace on our truck. The discs weren't worn out but the rotors had heat cracks and the man in Washington thought it would be a good idea to replace them for safety sake.

I feel like I have spent a lot on repairs but at least now the truck and trailer are ready for another trip.We are planning on taking the trailer and truck to Yuma this winter and then leaving for Florida after Yuma. Right now our plans are to be out of Florida by the end of April. We will then head north for a while.

We hope to leave for Yuma about the middle of September.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I'm glad she is getting so much use out of her machine. I just love mine. I wish I could take some lessons about everything it will do.
    It's always better to be safe on the highway. With all the repairs on your truck and trailer, you should be good to go! Hopefully I'll see you in Yuma in January. Not sure of my schedule yet.