Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lots Going On

Riverton, Utah        High 72 Low 63

We have had a few nice mornings. It has rained either at night or late afternoon since we have been back to Utah. It really is getting tiresome. The rain fall ended up being the second wettest spring at the Salt Lake Airport for the almost 150 years they have been keeping track. South of us (Utah County) they are preparing for floods as soon as the snow melts, which usually is gone by now.
There is a lot of snow still in the mountains with more added with each storm we get.

In the nicer mornings we have tried to get the garden work done. We finally got the parts Cindy is not planting covered with the weed barrier.

Another morning I got a window awning installed with the help of Skyler, who happened to be out of school that day. Cindy wanted the awning to keep the afternoon sun out of her office. What we did should help.

Penny was looking pretty shaggy but we hesitated on getting her hair cut because it has been so cold, but I finally made an appointment and had her hair cut. She has been extra clingy since because she is cold but it is supposed to warm up (we hope).

Little Miss Shaggy.

I have a sister, Kathy, that has been in the hospital with leukemia and fungal pneumonia for the past 4 months.  I went to a meeting with her and her doctors Friday. The prognosis is not very good. They only gave her a 2% chance of recovery and for this and a few other reasons we are staying home for now and may travel to Monticello to see Stephanie's home in the middle of nowhere. We will stay close until we find out how Kathy is doing.

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  1. Where's her sweater???? Poor baby. I'm so sorry about your sister. Jim lost his sister to leukemia many years ago. Prayers being said.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. That's just not good at all. As for Miss Penny, she definitely needs a sweater, or maybe a wool lining in the bag you carry her in. LOL The awning looks nice!! This time of year I have one window that I think heats the entire house. It's in the 90's here now!

  3. Hey! It's supposed to be 80 degrees here instead of 50.