Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Plans on Hold

Riverton, Utah         High 56 Low 41

The weather here turned to be rainy and cold. It is supposed to warm up later in the week.

We had planned on leaving for the west coast, probably to the Redwoods again and then up the Oregon and Washington coast. We still hope to make it to Sisters, Oregon for the large outdoor quilt show but aren't sure now.

The large quilt show in Salt Lake City starts tomorrow and we hope to go to it on Friday.

Cindy's Mom was admitted to the hospital as I mentioned in my last post. She finally got released and went to the Rehab Center, for about three hours. She was having trouble breathing and her oxygen level got down to the high forty's even with oxygen.

Linda called the paramedics and she went back to the hospital in an ambulance. We went to see her yesterday and she wasn't doing very well, not eating, and drinking very little. They thought she may have pneumonia but the tests weren't in so nobody was sure.

Cindy's Mom is 89 and not in the greatest of health at best.

Cindy called Linda today and she still isn't doing very well so we are going to spend some time with her in the hospital tomorrow. 

In the meanwhile I have quilted 3 baby quilts and a queen size quilt and am working on what, for me, is a very difficult quilt to quilt. It is taking a lot of time to get the look I want. When it is finished I will put a picture on the blog.

Cindy has finished two more quilts since we have been home so I still feel like I am way behind.

I did get the fifth wheel back and the bill came in at just under $300.00. At least it is ready to go when we are finally able to leave.

Penny has been feeling neglected while we have been so busy and have to leave her home so much.  She is a very clingy little dog and seems to like being with her people. She still sleeps under the covers next to me most nights. She does a lot better in Yuma and while we are traveling.

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  1. Hope things work out for Cindy's mom.

  2. So sorry to hear Cindy's mom isn't doing well. I wish the best for her. Maybe you should get a small trailer to carry your quilting machine with you to Yuma!! That way you could work while on the road!! LOL
    Hugs to little Penny. The older my Cooper gets, the more clingy he gets!!