Monday, May 7, 2018

Mom Update and Quilt Show

Riverton, Utah            High 79 Low 53

The weather lately has been nice, cloudy a few times, but mostly sunny.

Cindy's Mom is still in the hospital but seems to be doing better and may get to go to the assisted care place tomorrow. When we have been there she seems to sleep a lot and is still not eating much. Linda seems encouraged by the progress, but I still think it will be a long time before she gets to go home.

We went to the large Salt Lake City Quilt Show. It was held a week earlier than last year. When we got there we found out that they had a very different layout than in the past and it took us a little while to get used to what they had done in order for us to see all the quilts.

Some of the quilts are very ornate while others are simpler. There was one section that had teen age quilters on display. they seemed to be well made.

Cindy got a lot of pictures and I have put some of them on this post. This year it was hard for me to pick out my favorite.

 The eagles are embroidered with the exception of the center panel.

 Cindy thought this one would make nice use of scraps.
The flowers are all three dimensional.

I liked the quilting on this one.

This was made from 1 inch strips.

These two won some of the ribbons.

There was a whole section based on US National Parks and another section with famous women as the theme. There also was a section of small quilts made to look like Van Gogh paintings.

A whole wall of Van Gogh.

I don't know which National Park this is supposed to be.

I just liked these two.

As always there were a lot of vendors at the show, but we managed to only buy me a new pair of scissors.

Saturday after we went to see Cindy's Mom, there was an estate sale I had found that had Fabric. The sale started on Thursday and we didn't have much hope there would be much left, but wow were we wrong. The man running the sale told us his mother had the whole basement full of fabric (she probably had more fabric than Cindy) and there was still a lot left. He was selling the fabric by the tote full for $20.00 with a nice tote and lid. We probably had between 40 and 50 pounds of fabric in the tote, which figured out to be about 17 cent a yard if we figured the lighter weight. Score one for us, besides can you ever really have too much fabric? I really think this lady did.

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  1. So many amazing quilts to enjoy out there always nice to see the handiwork f other people. You mad a good haul with all that fabric.

  2. I love the eagle quilt. I can't imagine anyone with more fabric than you guys but it was nice you could add to it. lol Prayers for Mom.

  3. Wow ... what a fabric find! Those quilts make me dizzy. I just can't believe how long it would take to quilt something so large with lines so close together. It seems embroidery is the thing nowadays!!

  4. I love the beautiful quilts but I think hand quilting will be a lost art before too long.