Saturday, May 12, 2018

Pine Wood Derby, Great Grand Babies, Quilt

Riverton, Utah          High 54 Low 42

It has been cold and raining for the last two days. With a high of 54, I have found that I turned into an Arizonian, I have been rather cold for the last while.

Taylor had a pine wood derby to attend with the Cub Scouts. His dad did most of the shaping and getting weights into the car. I stained and varnish it for him.

Taylor's car is the brown one is lane 3 in this photo.

His cars was the fastest in this race. We thought it did really well. He sure got excited .

There were probably 15 cars which raced each other and all the boys got to run their cars several times. Taylor got one of the ribbons. His car was third fasted on average which wasn't too bad.

Taylor getting his award.

The track from the finish.

The one on the right of this photo (lane 1) was named the snail. It was the fastest in the races.

We went to see the two Great Grand Sons and this time we got lots of pictures. The older one is 6 months old and the younger one is two weeks old.

Ryler is 6 months old.

Jasper is 2 weeks old.

Seeing kids this young sure reminds us how old we are getting, but it was nice to be able to see them

Jasper's Mom with Ryler.

Great Grand Ma with the two babies.

Penny had to check things out.
I have been busy getting the finished quilts quilted. The one called Labyrinth took me a while to finish, with all that has been going on. It took me almost 3 weeks to quilt. When we bought the kit, it came in shades of purple and blue. We saw one in grays and black and I think the look came out better, but they were quilted with an over-all pattern and I did various size pebbles on the different sections, which I liked better.

Of coarse, Penny had to check it out.

Cindy's Mom is back to the rehab facility and seems to be doing a lot better this time, but we are holding off traveling to see how she does.

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  1. Sweet babies and a beautiful quilt .

  2. Your quilt is fabulous!! I've seen this done in some other colors and it didn't show up at ALL like yours. GREAT JOB!!!