Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Yuma, Arizona       High 86 Low 58

We have talked about going over to Borrego Springs, California to see the metal sculptures in the desert. We decided that today was the day. It is about a two and a half hour drive from Yuma, but we wanted to see them.

As we got near to the small unincorporated town, we started seeing the sculptures. The sculptures were the idea of land owner Dennis Avery with the thought to add free standing art to his property, Galleta Meadows Estates on his property. The work was accomplished by artist/ welder Ricardo Breceda.

There are over 130 metal sculptures scattered around the area. Our first stop was at the visitor’s center to get a map of where the sculptures were located. The next pictures are from a field a short distance from the visitor's center.

Most are accessed from the paved road with only a little driving on the dirt roads, but some on the east side of town require about a mile of driving over very rough, primitive roads to see them properly. We made it in our car, so it can be done.

This serpent begins on one side of the paved road and ends on the other side.

There were a few that we just got to see from a distance, but most we got “up close and personal”.  We could tell that some of the sculptures weren’t as old as some by the amount of rust. The newer ones hardly had any rust, while the older ones were solid rust.
The nun and her dog are not far from the full sized jeep.
 Behind the nun is a developed area with some very large homes. Most of the area looks a lot older with very few services.

Notice the lack of much rust.

This is what most of the area looks like.

Very little rust on this one and the next one.

An added bonus was all the wild flowers that were in bloom in the area and we also noticed that the hill had a tinge of green probably from all the rain the desert has had lately.

At the site of the gold panner, there were a group of people digging up what they told us were an invasive weed that was killing some of the flowers. They were volunteers from the area. In the same area there was a herd of metal big horn sheep.

We made it back to Yuma by 3:30, so it didn’t take quite all day and we enjoyed see the sculptures and we felt like it was worth the trip.

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  1. You really got some great pictures. We have never been there.

  2. Aren't they spectacular? I love those sculptures.

  3. That looks like fun!