Saturday, March 11, 2017

One More Quilt Show

Yuma, Arizona         High 93 Low 63

The weather has been very warm for the last few days. It is supposed to get up to 97 by Tuesday. At least we can't say we are cold.

We went to a quilt show, which is any annual thing at the Park across the road from us. While the show isn't terribly large, there are some very talented quilters there. It is a very large Park.

Cindy asked about the quilt group in their Park and she was told it was very active. When she asked about joining them, she was told absolutely not. You must be a resident of their Park with no outsiders allowed. The quilt show entries must also be from their Park.

With one of the shuffle board leagues I play in, we get to go to other Parks to play and my impression of the same Parks shufflers was that they are too serious about winning and not so much in having fun like in our Park. I would go over to their Park again, but with no great expectations.

With all that said, below are some of the quilts we got to see.

 There were lots of kids quilts.

The different colors are different pieces of material.

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  1. That would not be my kind of park. Talk about snobbish. I like the water quilt with the otter the best.

  2. It's interesting there is so much appliqué nowadays. Personally, I like the traditional quilts better. That's pretty rude of the other park not to allow everyone into their little circle ... less competition that way I suppose.