Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Shuffle Board Tournament

Yuma, Arizona            High 95 Low 65

The weather here has been very, very hot (98) yesterday, which I am told is at least 10 degrees warmer than usual.

We had a shuffle board tournament in our Park this week. Our Park had 30 entrants and there were 130 in all from all the Parks in Yuma.

At first they scheduled 4 games per day, but the number of entrants is down from last year so they cut it back to 3 games per day. The third game was very uncomfortably hot so it was good that we only had three. They think the numbers are down because a lot of people have gone home already and the tournament is two weeks later than other years.

I volunteered to help as one of the score keepers when I wasn't playing.
As score keepers, we get to watch the games.

This game was played on Monday afternoon and the lady in pink played half the game and then forfeited because of the heat.
Each entrant was guaranteed 2 games even if they lost. My first game we were pretty evenly matched until my opponent managed to put me in the -10 spot and I couldn't get caught up. This made my second game on Tuesday.

I won the second game but the third game we were neck and neck the whole game until the final two shots. My opponent made her shot and I failed to hit her out so I am through with the tournament.

It was fun for a few days and I even like to help keep score, but I am taking tomorrow off to just relax a little bit.

Our time here in Yuma is growing short, but we are still trying to stay busy having fun.

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  1. I know it's been hot but I'm still not ready to head north yet. April could be a beautiful month. Sorry about your tournament but it's great ypu get to take a day off and stay out of the heat.

  2. I've never played .. it looks like fun!! Isn't it weird ... cold and rainy one day, 90 degrees the next day. I guess that's just Arizona!!