Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Have Visitors

Riverton, Utah       High 79 Low 57

I finished putting the new tires on the trailer. I also got the truck back from having the chip put in. The mechanic mounted the monitor in a place I didn’t like, so I moved it. His reason was where he put it; the visor would still be able to open into the windshield. The problem with it was I didn’t have much view on the far left side of the windshield because of his monitor and my GPS. I didn’t say anything to him, but I made a bracket so I could put it by the rearview mirror. Even though I can’t open the visor all the way to the windshield, I like it there a lot better.

We have had kind of smoky air since we have been home, but today it was overcast with a tiny bit of rain, and all the smoke seems to be gone. At least we can see the mountains again.

We have been looking forward to having Jim and Sandi Dixon come and stay at our home. They made it today at about noon. They got set up in our driveway and then we visited for a while. We hope to be able to do something with them tomorrow while they are staying with us. Cindy fixed dinner tonight and we sat around visiting again tonight.

Penny had a haircut appointment today, so she didn’t get to meet their two dogs. Penny looks a lot better, but she had to get a shot to settle her down so she didn’t hurt herself while they were doing the grooming. It took her a little time to get to be her old self and she looks a lot better. I hope she gets used to having baths and haircuts

I try to get pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.

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