Thursday, August 20, 2015

Class Reunion

Riverton, Utah            High 90 Low 63

The air here in Salt Lake Valley has really been smoky and hazy for the last few days. Probably all the fires.

I got new tires for the trailer after a bit of mix-up at Discount Tires. I ordered G rated tires and the first time I went to pick them up, I had F rated on the wheels. They insisted that they ordered the right tires, but were shipped the wrong ones. So a day later, I got the correct ones.

I have quilted 2 quilts for Cindy this week. I also picked up the new computer for the quilt machine so I could get the upgraded quilting program for it. It has a lot of neat features but I have to learn some of the controls.

This afternoon we went to my High School reunion. Where has all the time gone? All there were was old people (I was one of them) and not the young people we used to be.

We had a good potluck meal with about everything imaginable to eat. It was very good.

We have guests coming next week and we are both looking forward to them visiting.

We still have lots to do to keep us busy.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Class reunions are so much fun the further away from graduation you get. I really didn't enjoy the first three we had but the 40th and 45th were great times. Glad you got that tire issue straightened out. Why can't anything be done right the first time anymore?