Monday, April 22, 2024

Back In Utah

 Riverton, Utah              High 71 Low 49

It is nice during the day and I haven't noticed it being too cool at night.

We left Yuma Friday, which was a day sooner than we originally planned, but we had things ready and decided we might as well make the journey. It took us almost 12 hours to the minute with stops which is a little bit longer than the GPS says. Our new car is getting more than 30 miles per gallon. 

We brought back way more fabric than we normally do, but when we can buy sale fabric that is normally on sale for $6.00 per yard for 5, how can we possibly resist, after all, can you ever have too much fabric. The fabric store at the Arizona Market had their last weekend of the year sale and all sale fabric was $1.00 off whatever it was marked. We even found a few pieces that were marked $5 and we got it for $4. I'm fairly sure that Cindy and I are among their best customers. 

We have been really busy getting everything put away, and I have various appointments almost every day this week, including one for Penny at her all time favorite place, the veterinarian.

Among the appointments, I get to go to the doctor to see what I did to my leg about 2 weeks ago. I thought I had just twisted my leg wrong, but it has seemed to be getting worse, so I thought I better see a doctor to see if they can tell me what is wrong.

We had some friends in our Park in Yuma that got tickets to the Price is Right about six weeks ago. They were not picked but were in the audience, and were scheduled to air on the 22nd. We got to see them in the audience briefly and it was fun watching them. Although they weren't picked to play, they were glad to have got to go and said the whole audience was treated very nice. They told us that they had a lot of fun going to the show in California.

Sorry no pictures again.

Thanks for visiting.  

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  1. I heard that whoever has the most fabric lives the longest. I guess you guys are going to outlive me!!!!! The Price is Right? Is that show still on??? Sounds like fun to me! Hugs to Penny!!