Monday, September 25, 2023

Apples, Pears, And Peaches Oh My

 Riverton, Utah           High 82 Low 54

The weather cooled off and got cold at night, then warmed back up some.

This year I was diligent with spraying the fruit trees and did it ever pay off. We got way more fruit than we could possibly use. We have been busy canning all the different fruits. Now everything is finished but the apples. We even went to two different neighbors and got nectarines. Cindy says we are gluttons for punishment. Not to mention all the apricots and cherries we did earlier.

The pears took a while to ripen, but are now bottled up, along with the nectarines in the box next to them. Apples are more stable and will keep for longer so they got put till last.

This is still a lot of apples, and we got lots of peaches, and even went to another house and picked a lot of them.

One of the neighbors enters a Halloween contest every year and she has her yard all decorated already. They added a lot of movement this year.

There are some other neighbors that decorate for Halloween, but haven't got them finished yet.

From Halloween to Christmas: We went to Costco today and it isn't even the first of October yet, but you would think it was December, they are already selling Christmas stuff, lots of it.

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  1. WOW!!! Now that's my idea of lawn decorations!!! What a blast ... except I don't have room to store them all year long. Gosh ... you must have two bedrooms full to the brim of canned goods!!! Cindy is right!! Still, it's fun for me to can and preserve stuff. It tastes SO much better.