Monday, February 27, 2023

Shuffleboard Tournament

 Yuma, Arizona               High 67 Low 40

Today started out a little cool, But by 10:00 it turned into a really nice day.

We had a shuffleboard tournament last week. We call it a fun pin tournament. We had 96 entrants. There is a bowling pin at each end place at the bottom of the 10 point section. In the tournament you are playing against the person beside you and not teams. If you knock the pin over, you are penalized 10 points. It adds a new level to playing shuffleboard.

If you loose your first game, you move to consolation. When you loose your second game, you are out. And anyone loosing after the first day is out of the tournament, championship or consolation.

Unfortunately, I lost my first two games, so I spent the last few games refereeing. 

Win or loose, it was still fun.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. That's an interesting way to add to the game. No whacking your opponents puck out of the park! 96 entrants ... that's a LOT!! It's all fun, win or lose.