Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Quilt Show

 Yuma, Arizona             High 69 Low 46

It was a little cooler today, but still nice. Utah has had a lot of snow.

We got to go to the annual Yuma Quilt Show. There were lots of different quilts and lot of vendors.

The next one was one of our favorites

We both thought the hour glass with the flowers was kind of neat.

This witch quilt was our favorite. The had a black light and it had a sign on it to shine the light on the quilt. some of the thread shined up in the black light. It was really interesting.

We got to go to a birthday party that was for one of neighbors, he turned 80. He is the one to the left of the coke can.

Several neighbors were there.

Lastly, Cindy has been busy quilting. I think she said she has finished 11 quilts since she has been here. The next two are the latest.

The quilt with the dogs isn't that big, but it sure has lot of pieces in it, which I helped cut.

And I have been playing shuffleboard three morning a week.


  1. I love the doxies the best, of course.

  2. Oh I love the dachshunds!!! Too cute. Darn ... missed that show again. They have the most amazing quilts ... and glow in the dark thread .... who knew?

  3. 11 quilts, oh my. The quilts you photographed are amazing. A lot of work goes into that detail!