Monday, January 13, 2020

Our Friend Made It and Potluck

Yuma, Arizona        High 68 Low 43

Yesterday I got a text from Nancy Kissack telling me that she thought she would be here at our Park at 2:30. I rode my bike up to the front gate at that time and there she was waiting for the security guard to escort her to her lot. I have watched the security people guide people into their lots and I wouldn't trust most of them, so I guided her into her spot.

Nancy came over to our home after she got settled and we showed her some of our improvements and she saw some of Cindy's quilts.

Here is Penny checking out Nancy. I'm sure she is smelling Nancy's dogs.

Today they went to the local Quilt store. I'm not sure what Cindy bought but she did buy some more fabric. I was busy helping our neighbor, Ron put down pavers on his driveway so I didn't go.

Late this afternoon there was a potluck dinner for the owners here in the Park. As usual, the food was excellent and we had a good time visiting with others at our table.

Tomorrow I have a shuffle board league here in our Park, so Nancy and Cindy are going to Algodones without me. Do you see the Pattern here, Nancy and Cindy going off together while I work or look after our Parks shuffle board league? lol

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  1. Hahahaha yessiree we are heading out to SHOP!! I promise we won't spend TOO much! Cindy is such a help with fabric choices!!