Saturday, January 11, 2020

Another Quilt Show

Yuma, Arizona               High 68 Low 41

I spent some time helping our neighbor Ron move gravel from his parking place so he could install pavers. He wanted to borrow some of ours that we have stacked up by our shed. He told me he couldn't find them, so I made some signs to tease him showing where they were.

With these signs, he had no problem finding them.

We went to The annual Yuma Quilt show. As usual there were lots of nice quilts and lots of vendors. Cindy found some quilts that she wanted patterns for and one of them she found the pattern for the lace cabins in a bargain place put on by the local Quilt Guild, so she was happy.

This is one of the ones Cindy wanted a pattern for but the vendor wouldn't sell anything but a kit, so I found it on eBay and have it coming next week.

This is the one she found the patterns for in the Quilt Guild store.

I liked the quilting on this one.

This sign tells a lot.

This was from a Bob Ross tribute collection of small quilts.

There were a lot of people there as usual. 

We decided to move the water faucet by our shed and this afternoon Ron helped me move it to make it nicer for Cindy to use. 

We also had a lot of sand that has drifted into our rocks over the years. We got a good start sifting the sand out of the stones. Part of the metal fence we had installed three years ago got covered by the sand and with the hard water we have here, the whole bottom on the section of fence corroded away and will have to be rebuilt. We decided to make it into a gate instead of a fixed panel. 

We are both staying busy.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Well rats! Missed the quilt show again!! As I looked at your pictures, I said THAT ONE! And sure enough, it's the one Cindy picked. LOVE it!! Sounds like you've been busy. I'll be there today, maybe around 4-5:00? I'll call with my site number.

  2. Looks like quite an Enjoyable day at the Quilt Show.
    Be Safe and Enjoy visiting with Nancy.

    It's about time.