Friday, October 4, 2019

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like ---- Halloween

Yuma, Arizona         High 96 Low 64

It has been warm here in Yuma for us. I know it's because we are not use to the heat. I checked on the weather back in Utah and it is predicted to get to 32 degrees.

We have had lots to do since we have been here. I noticed our water heater leaking and bought a new one at Home Depot. My friend Eddie help me change it.

We both got our flue and pneumonia shots. I had a sore arm for about three days and didn't quite feel right for a couple of days. Cindy didn't get her shots until yesterday and is still going through what I'm over with.

Cindy had a broken tooth and we went to San Luis to Dr. Sergio Bernal in Mexico. He is a lot more reasonably priced than even  the dentists in Algodones and they are less than US dentists.

We were driving through a neighborhood northeast of us and some of the decorations kind of made us laugh.


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