Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Enjoying The Warm Weather

Yuma, Arizona             High 82 Low 53

According to the weather guessers it has been warmer than usual with a new record high for the date last Friday. The old record was set in 1986.

But we are really enjoying the warm spell. Last year it was windy and cold about this time of year so we are hoping it lasts.

Yesterday Cindy and I went to the Imperial Wildlife Refuge at Martinez Lake for a camera workshop. It went from 9:30 in the morning until 1:30 PM. We learned a lot more about our cameras and IPhone than either of us will ever be able to remember but hopefully we got enough notes and hand-outs to help some.

I have been going to Yappy Hour at the small dog park most afternoons. Penny likes to run around with all her doggie friends.

 Penny and Yogi take turns with this orange squeaky passifier.

These two are about 5 month old puppies that like to chase each other and they get a little rambunctious.

 The three closest to the stuffed frog were in a three way tug of war but I missed getting all three pulling on it.
All the owners like spending the time visiting.

We have been asked why we call it Yappy Hour and my reply is come out and get close to the fence, or have a new dog come into the park, or have someone walk by with a big dog and when 8 or 10 small dogs bark at you or them you will soon find out.

Some of the dog owners have decided that Friday needs to be Happy Yappy Hour and are bring treats for everyone.

The dogs aren't aggressive, they usually are just saying hello. The most dogs I have been able to count was 26 one day but usually there are in the neighborhood of 20 small dogs running loose in the small dog park. It's funny that there are way more white dogs this year than other years.

I am still playing shuffle board 2 or 4 times per week and some days I have a really good game and days like today, nothing seems to go right.

We still are having quilting get togethers on Wednesday afternoons and have 8 or 10 ladies every week. Cindy still makes a new block pattern for those that are interested in making them and we have seen a lot of progress in the ones that we new at sewing this year. They should have enough blocks for a quilt by the end of the season.

Last week we had a Trivia With A Twist one night. Along with trivia Questions, one challenge was to tie a banana from your waist and try to knock two oranges in the a hoop. It was so hard, that the moderator finally went with one orange into the hoop to get a winner.

We are still having lots of fun here in the Park.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Nice to hear from you again and glad you are having too much fun.

  2. I LOVE the doggie pictures. One of these days I'll take Cooper to a park. I just know he would enjoy running around playing. Jessie on the other hand would just fight with everyone!! Give Penny a hug for me!!