Saturday, September 30, 2017

We Took My Shadow To Gardner Mill

We Took My Shadow To Gardner Mill
Riverton, Utah           High 63 Low 42

The day was kind of rainy but we still went to our yard sales. This time we took the two boys but they weren’t able to find anything.

After we got through we took Taylor (my little shadow) to Gardner Mill, an old historical site that is now shops. They go all out for Halloween with witches everywhere. Skyler decided he didn’t want to go.

There is a scavenger hunt for the kids to find 15 different witches and as a prize they get to buy a very large cookie for 50 cents. We walked around the shops and finally found all the different witches.

The scavenger hunt was to find the statues, not the actors.

There were a group of three Witches entertaining the kids.

 Taylor got to pet an Alpaca.

After we got home we loaded the car getting ready to go to Yuma. Cindy was sure we wouldn’t get everything in, but we finally did. We joke about looking like the Beverly Hillbillies because we are so loaded. I wonder why we seem to take so much stuff down with us?

The only things left for us to do before we leave are Penny’s shot and renew the registration on the truck and fifth wheel which have to wait until October. The registrations aren’t due until December but since we won’t be here, they will let you get the emission and safety inspection done two months early. I called to see if it could be done in September, but technically it must not be longer than 2 months from the due date, which is December 31, so September does not work while October 1 does.

We plan on leaving early Tuesday morning and drive straight to Yuma. Since we are in the car, the 700 mile drive, although long, isn’t too bad when we trade off driving.  This year I don’t have to work on the water heater like I had to last year so we should be ok.

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  1. Too much fun with the grands, now trade safe to Yuma and enjoy your winter there, we hope to be in that area in a months or two. Hope to see y'all again.

  2. Safe travels to Yuma!! Hope to see you there next year.

  3. They really do go all out for Halloween. Safe travels and hopefully we'll see you before too long.