Saturday, January 21, 2017

Windy in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona       High 65 Low 45

While it is windy and rainy in Yuma it sure beats a high of 35 and low of 24 in Salt Lake City. Not to mention 4 days of the awful 4 letter word (snow) predicted there.

We went to the Arizona Market the other day to get guess what. Yep, more fabric (you can never have too much fabric). While we were there we saw Nancy Kissick and Patty Chance in the quilt store. It is nice to meet fellow bloggers. Nancy told us she would come to see us in the afternoon and when she showed up, Cindy got a chance to show off some of her new quilts, both finished and unfinished.We hope to see them again. Next time, maybe with her dog. Penny likes everybody and spent some time with Nancy.

I have been going on bike rides around the Park with a group of bikers. we try to ride all the way around the Park 3 times, which is about 3 miles. It is usually held 3 nights a week unless the weather is too bad.
Penny has gone with me some of the time. She seems very content in her dog bag.

I also have been playing shuffle board 3 or 4 times per week. Cindy has been going to a card making/ scrapbook thing on Tuesdays. Her quilt group on Wednesday has been growing with more ladies coming. She stays really busy while we are here.

I also take penny to the small dog park most afternoons. Today there were at least 17 small dogs (with all the running around it is hard to count accurately. We all call it Yappy Hour for all the dogs.

Today we went to a genealogy seminar. There was a lot of information given on how to find out about your ancestors. It took all of the morning and part of the afternoon. We left Penny home and one of our neighbors came in to take care of her. I guess he took her over to his place for some of the time. She keeps wanting to go play with their dog anyway, so she stayed out of trouble.

Cindy's sister, Linda, told us she was going to get a lift put on her motor home so their mother will be able to get in and out easier and to travel again and we have agreed to go with her on some travels this coming summer. She will take her motor home and we will take our 5th wheel. She would like us along in case she needs help with their mother. We haven't decided where we are going for sure, but we would like to make it to Canada while the exchange rate is still favorable.

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  1. The exchange rate in Canada for Americans is amazing, best do it when you can.

  2. It's so fun to run into friends unexpectedly! I could do without the cold however!! Yuma is supposed to be WARM!!!