Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Some Sad News

Yuma, Arizona        High 69 Low 59

Yesterday we drove to Phoenix to see Cindy's son Scott. We had a good visit and then went to Mulqueen's fabric store to get some thread for my quilting machine and some embroidery thread for Cindy. It was a long but uneventiful day.

I was sorry to hear about Rod Ivers Passing. He and his wife Loyce were nice people and we considered him to be one of our friends. I know that he missed Loyce, but now they are together again.

I stayed in Los Angeles until last Friday and after visiting with my daughter Sabrina and stopping in to see Ken, I decided to come home to Yuma. When I was there it didn't look good for Ken.

On Monday they had another Doctor look at him and Sabrina was told there was about a million to one chance of any change. There had been three different tests done that showed no brain activity. So today the decision was made to unhook him from the machines tonight. A little while ago I got a text saying that he had passed quietly. I know my daughter is probably heart-broken from talking to her.

Ken Higdon was the manager for the Angel's baseball team for a long time. He and Sabrina both worked for them for a while and that is how they met. I got to meet a lot of his old baseball buddies while I was at the hospital.

I was told that the funeral will be either Saturday or Sunday and I plan on driving back to California.

I hope you and your's are doing well.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. So sorry for you loss and give our condolences to Sabrina and all of the family.

  2. I'm so sorry and sad to hear this news. My prayers to you, your daughter and to Ken's family.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. And especially for Sabrina and family.

  4. Very sorry with the news about your son-in-law..... may Ken Rest In Peace .... To the family,
    heartfelt sympathy.