Monday, July 27, 2015

Local Quilt Stores

Halstead, Kansas         High 99 Low 75

This morning we drove to the small town Of Yoder. It was named for the Amish farmer that originally started the town. There are several small shops, one of which had a quilt for sale.

After we left Yoder, we drove to Newton to visit the two quilt stores there. On the way we passed what looks like an old gas station and found it interesting. I don’t know how old the trucks are, but they both looked very old as did the gas pumps and signs. It is in front of a farm house. I'll bet the farmer has a good time with people taking pictures. I say this because he waved at us.

We got to Newton and Cindy got some pictures of very nice quilts. We especially liked the colors on the block of the month quilt.

This one and the next picture is the block of the month quilt we liked.

Tomorrow we leave here for Russell, Kansas. It is about 3 hours closer to home. There are two RV Parks there and we are going to try the one we didn’t stay at on the way to Kansas City.

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