Friday, July 31, 2015

Garden of the Gods

Monument, Colorado     High 77 Low 55

Today we went to the Visitor Center at Garden of the Gods. The whole Park is a 1323 acre park owned by the City of Colorado Springs. In 1909, railroad magnate Charles Elliot Perkins bequeathed the Parkland he had purchased in 1879 to the City with the stipulation that it remain open and free to the public. The Park is known for its towering red sandstone formations. The visitor center shows some of the history of the Park and, and has a lot of displays about the local flora and fauna.
Cindy liked the welcome sign in all the different languages.

We found out that Pike's Peak name sake never reached the summit.

This was taken from the upper deck of the visitor center.
Today there were a lot of people enjoying the sights around the Park. The first large parking lot was so full that we were unable to find a parking place. Cindy wanted to get a picture of Balanced Rock without people, but was unable to do so. When we started to leave there was a class C motor home trying to go through a really narrow place in the road. I don’t know if he scrapped his mirror, but if he didn’t, he only missed by inches. The road is so narrow and twisty that he really shouldn’t have been driving a motor home on it. 

Cindy wanted to get a picture with no one in it, but when you look at all the people, you can see that it would have been impossible.
After leaving The Garden of the Gods, we drove through downtown Old Colorado City. It reminded us a lot of downtown Park City. There were a lot of touristy type shops.
This mural was o one of the buildings in Old Colorado City.
Tomorrow we are going to see the Peterson Air and Space Museum. In order to see it, we had to call at least 24 hours in advance and give all of our information, divers license number, age, and phone number. We will be going onto the base and I guess they need to check us out before allowing us in.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. We had school children at the Garden of the Gods when we were there so getting to see anything was interesting to say the least. Hope you pass all the tests and they don't turn you away at the gate.