Sunday, March 16, 2014

North Ranch, Yard Sales, Beading, and more Cactus Pictures.

Emerald Cove RV Resort High 88 Low 59
Friday morning we went over to meet Jana and Mike at their motorhome. They are a really nice couple and we spent some time getting to know them. We had mentioned that Cindy wanted to get into beading, and as we were leaving, Jana mentioned that the lot next to them was having a yard sale and had beads and supplies for sale. At that, Cindy quit trying to leave and went next door. I mentioned yesterday that Cindy did her part in reducing their inventory. I noticed that Jana also bought some glasses, and did her part.

Cindy, busy checking out the bead yard sale.
We went to the Club House, where the beaders were busy. We worked on a necklace which I have got a picture on this post. The pendant is one I bought for Cindy when she was laid up with her back in Alaska. I think it turned out nice. Most of the beads are aqua-marine which we bought in Quartzsite. We also work on another necklace, which is not finished.

The pendant came from Alaska.

Lots of bead supplies.

After beading, we listened to the end of the musical jam.

Because of beading, we missed Al and Kelly, and I feel bad about that.

Saturday morning there were yard sales everywhere in the Park. We ran into Mike and Pat McFall, and Mike and Jana while we were out. By the Club House, in the RV Parking, one lady had a large supply of beads and fittings. She does it as a business and had lot of stuff.

We left North Ranch at about 10:00. The drive to Parker was a little windy, and I got in a fight with Mabel (my Garmin GPS). She wanted me to go a different direction than I wanted to go. She was showing the correct time of arrival, until I wouldn't make one of the turns she wanted me to, and all of a sudden an extra hour and a half showed up. I knew the way, but just wanted an estimate on arrival time. We got to the corner, where I was supposed to turn right on Parker Dam Road, and she said turn left. Just for fun I looked to see where she was taking me and we were supposed to go on 62 for 45 minutes, hit 95 and turn around and come back on 62 for forty-five minutes and then drive the 6 miles to our destination. Look at all the time I saved by just turning right instead of left. Sometimes I don’t understand what is going on with the GPS, but have learned that it is a good idea to know the approximate roads I want to go on.
After we got here there was a craft show going on, and Cindy got out and went to it while I unhooked and set up. (Sandi have I ever told you how much I like the level up system?) It was extremely hot here and the AC had to run until about 11:00 last night to keep us cool.

Last but not least, some more cactus flower pictures.

It is very hot for us today, but I guess we better enjoy it, for we will be home in a week.

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  1. I love Cindy's necklace. That is beautiful. I keep hearing the same thing from Jan - how much they love their level up system. I know you debated about it for awhile so I'm really happy you did the deed. Our GPS does pretty good most of the time but often it wants us to go around the horse's rear end so we are making a right turn into where we want to be.

  2. The photos of the blooming cacti are gorgeous!