Monday, March 24, 2014

Beads and Taxes

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 36

Today was quite a bit cooler than we are used to. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow, then get cold again with a chance of snow. There is a saying in Utah at this time of year, "If you don't like the weather now, just give it an hour."

Today we went to a bead store in Murray. It is nice, but is nowhere as large or nice as the one we went to in Tempe. Also their prices are a lot higher, but Cindy needed a few beads for a necklace she started, so we had to bite the bullet.

We plan on stocking up better next year when we are in Quartzsite and Mesa, and hopefully we will have learned enough to know what beads and supplies to buy. Also we want to go to bead week at North Ranch next March.

I spent a little time today putting away the thread I got in Mesa for my quilt machine. Cindy finished up a quilt, and dug out some material for a back she wants me to quilt. I'm still way behind on quilting.

This afternoon we worked on our taxes until we both got tired of them. I called our tax man and he told me I could bring the paperwork to him anytime we got it ready.

Not too much else going on, thanks for visiting.


  1. We're enjoying the woodcarvers in North Ranch and if the beads is anything like this you'll love it.

    1. It looks like you guys are really having a good time at North Ranch.

  2. I finally finished our taxes yesterday. Yuck!!! Definitely not cold here and I love it.

    1. We also have some other commitments or we might be down visiting you in Arizona.