Saturday, November 25, 2023

Made It To Utah, What is All This White Stuff

 Riverton, Utah         High 33 L 27

We made it to Utah just in time to rake leaves and bag them. We had 11 large bags of leaves. Last night it snowed and so it was a good thing we picked up leaves when we did. Just what is all this white stuff? I thought that's why we went to Arizona, to get away from it. It started to snow at about 9:00 last night when the weather guessers said midnight and snowed steady until about 2:00 this afternoon, when it was supposed to stop at 11:00 AM. We didn't get as much snow as further north in the valley, but enough.

We went over to Tammy's for Thanksgiving dinner. It was just Cindy and I and Tammy and her kids. Cindy enjoyed it that she didn't have to fix a Thanksgiving meal.

Our gas dryer has been acting up and we decided that with all the sales going on for Black Friday, we would check out the price on a new washer and dryer. I keep telling Cindy "they are only about 23 years old and should last longer then that" but she didn't believe me. Anyway we found wanting a gas dryer and actually getting one are two different things. One store told us maybe they could get somewhat what we wanted by nearly Christmas, but weren't sure. Another store said they showed that they had a different brand but it would be at least three weeks to get here.

The last store we tried not only had what we had looked at earlier but also had a larger dryer than any of the other stores offered us. They said they could deliver them as early as Tuesday next week, but my brothers funeral is Tuesday. And we are putting a drawer under each of the appliances so I want to raise where the dryer vent comes out of the wall, so we are getting the new appliances on December 5th which is a lot quicker than the other two stores. 

Before we left for Yuma, Cindy decorated most of our home for Christmas. Since we got back she has continued decorating.

This is the first time we have had the large Santa out. From the mirror image, you can tell how tall he is.

Today I got started on raising the dryer vent height. I also repositioned the electrical outlet, which also need to be raised. I don't think I'll be finished for a few days, but at least I got a good start.

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  1. Wow .... your decorations are beautiful! Hard to find a washer and dryer nowadays. And you'll be lucky if they last 5 years! It's not the like old days! I never thought about having to move the dryer vent up. Good thing I didn't buy the drawers. That white stuff?? Brrrrrrrrrrrrr