Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Dreaded Red Menace

 Riverton, Utah    High 86 Low 58

Yesterday was cloudy all day and at about 4:30 it poured lots of rain for a little while. At least it was enough that Cindy's garden and the grass didn't need watering today. Today has been a nice sun shinny day.

I got finished with my driveway caulk job in front of the back garage. Now all the driveways are finished and hopefully we won't get anymore ice damage this winter.

Penny got a hair cut and ever since, she has been giving me a bad case of canine paralysis. I guess cutting off all her hair has made her cold, and sitting on me or by me keeps her warm.

Her she is, in her favorite spot.

Lately Cindy has been testing red fabrics to make sure they are color fast. Surprisingly, some of the name brand fabrics are bleeding red when she wets them. One batch took several washings to get it not to bleed. The reason she is testing so much is she is making lots of red scrappy quilts.

I'm mostly finish getting the damage the scammers caused straightened out. At least I got my new credit card. I still am running into automatic payments that need to be upgraded.

And finally, another finished quilt. I have no idea how many pieces, but there are a lot.

This one is a large king size quilt.

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  1. Uh that would be a big OH MY GOSH on that quilt. WAAAAYYYY too may pieces for me! Scammers seem to be getting more and more smart as they steal from everyone. Just imagine how many people never realize it. LOVE the pictures of Penny ... she is just the cutest ever!! It's funny ... I seem to get the same paralysis every morning!!