Sunday, March 7, 2021

March Already

 Yuma, Arizona             High  Low 52

Todays weather is pretty much what we've had for a little while. It is supposed to get windy and cooler later in the week but still a lot warmer than the frozen north.

Penny was due for her kennel cough shot so we took her to the vet. They check her over and found sore gums and recommended we get her teeth cleaned. So two days later we had to take her to the vet fairly early in the morning and the moon looked huge. I got a picture but we didn't have anywhere to pull over so it's not the best.

The moon is the large circle above the palm to the left of the sign. It looked a lot better in person.

When we got Penny back home, she was pretty out of it for a while, as they had to put her out to clean her teeth, We felt it was better than if she lost any more teeth. 

The next picture is how we feel the whole last year and start of this year have gone.

I have been playing shuffleboard three times a week. We don't have near as many people playing but of course there are very few Canadians here so I guess it's to be expected. I think the most players we've had is 20 when in a normal year there are usually 32 or more. Last Friday we only had 8 players. We were playing every other court with everyone wearing masks, but this last week we went to two empty courts between used courts so we could be further apart and not wear masks when  we shot if the person desired.

I enjoy playing shuffleboard for the 2 hours it takes.

Cindy still is busy with making quilts. 

We left for a while one day and we have a Roomba which does a good job vacuuming, but it got hold of one of Cindy's thread spools and wrapped itself with blue thread. It took me a while to get it all cut off. 

To give some idea of how much tread it wound up, the spoon by the pile is a large serving spoon. Roomba almost emptied the spool of thread. I'm sure if we hadn't got home when we did, it would have emptied the spool. 

We still don't have our second virus vaccination but should be able to get it soon.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hopefully now Penny will feel much better. At least your Roomba didn't make a mess like Rod's did. Jim and I have both shots and im really happy about that.

  2. Next year should be much better for shuffleboard. That certainly is a fun game!! Yikes the Roomba!!! I would love to have one, but with such old puppies who make occasional mistakes, it would be a horrible mess. Not going there!! I hope Penny has recovered, poor baby girl. Cooper is up for a teeth cleaning the next time I hit California. I'm hoping it goes okay.

  3. Hoping Penny is doing better.
    We are all hoping the International Border is open this fall.
    Nice to get out for exercise.
    The Romba was really doing its job. LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.