Sunday, February 16, 2020

Italian Dinner Under the Stars

Yuma, Arizona             High 78 Low 51

The weather has been great!

Friday a group of us worked on the sides for the Parks trailer. We all think it will be much better.

Saturday night there was an Italian pot luck dinner under the stars here in our Park. we got a chance to try out the new sides on the trailer hauling tables and chairs to the open area. We had lots of help and the job seemed to go pretty smoothly.

We set up tables and chairs for two hundred people. We started hauling at about 10:00 and it took until about 1:00 to get everything placed and all the lights put up.

This was our table.

Another view of our table.

Each table had what they called a nonie, which was supposed to be an Italian grandmother to be in charge of each table. Each for the 20 tables had ten people assigned to them and each set of ten had their individual pot luck.

This was our Nonie.

The group of nonies.

There was lots of good food and music. Everyone that attended seemed to have a good time. While  we ate They had someone judging the Lasagna. It was all good natured and the ones that prepared it for each table seemed to enjoy the judging.

The lasagna judge and his crew, Tom and Lilly. 
Tom is the one that seems to think up all the things to do around the Park.

After we finished eating each table had to pick one person the toss pizza dough. The ball they were given was supposed to be worked and tossed to make it round with no hole and to see who got it the largest in diameter.

The circle at the top is her pizza dough.

And guess what the winner got? A pizza from one of the local pizza places!

We finished up at 8:00 and then we had to haul all the tables and chairs back to the Ballroom. We had enough people that it only took us an hour to have all the tables and chairs back on their racks and put back where they belonged. Again our new rack worked very well.

Everyone seemed to want to have another party similar to this one next year.

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  1. Now that's a fun activity! What a GREAT idea! Your table looks so inviting!!!