Tuesday, November 26, 2019

We Went On A Safari

Yuma, Arizona       High 65 Low 46

Well, I guess we have turned into Arizonans. Today seemed rather cool to us. Cooler weather is predicted for the next while with rain on Thanksgiving.

A group of 7 of us decided to go on a safari looking for wildlife. You might ask what kind of wildlife could we possibly find here in Yuma. We went out in the desert with black lights tonight looking for scorpions and we found plenty!

The larger ones were about and inch and a half long, while the smaller ones were maybe 1/2 inch long.

The next pictures show the scorpions with regular flash light and with the black lights following.

The little green spot in the middle is the scorpion. They would be impossible to see in the day light.

Because of the cooler weather, then didn't seem to move very much. We did see a few go into hole in the ground that looked about the size of a night crawler hole.

They mostly just sat there. I found a small stick and flipped one over and all it did was turn back right side up but a larger one grabbed the stick with its claws. The bigger one also raised it's tail as if to try to sting the stick.

Good thing I didn’t get stung because the bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in North America, and its venom can cause severe pain (coupled with numbness, tingling, and vomiting) in adult humans, typically lasting between 24 and 72 hours.

The next pictures are of the group of us around a scorpion, first under regular lights and then under the black light.

We were just a group of old people having fun in the desert but it makes me not want to take Penny walking in the desert!

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  1. Okay now. I'm beginning to wonder about you guys. Going scorpion hunting is rather a strange safari. Hopefully this cooler weather will drive them underground for awhile.

  2. NOOOOO!!! This is the worst thing you've ever posted!!! Hahaha I totally HATE scorpions and had no idea you could find so many out at night. Those little ones are the worst. Dan got stung by a big one a couple weeks ago. It's like a bee sting they tell me, but I want nothing of it!! It's probably the only reason I don't move to Arizona!! By the way, have you ever found any in your house? I think I need a black light.