Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Changeable Utah Weather

Riverton, Utah            High 71 Low 47

Today started off really nice. It has been nice for the last few days after all the rain we had the first of last week. The nights have been cool enough for good sleeping.

I got some more pictures of Cindy's flowers and some of our blossoming trees.

Then this afternoon it clouded up and rain is in the prediction for the next few days with cooler temperatures. It has been said about Utah weather "If you don't like what it is now, wait an hour and things will change." This is especially true this time of year.

We have both been busy trying to get the garden in shape to plant. Cindy has been spending a lot of time with Linda going through their Mom's stuff. There sure is a lot.

IN between working on the garden I've got 4 quilts quilted and am now working on one that will take a lot of time to complete. No all over designs on this one.

We want to go see Stephanie's new home which I said was about 45 miles from the middle of nowhere in San Juan county. It is about an hour from Moab or Monticello on what looks like some rough roads. It should be interesting.

We are taking the fifth wheel and at first were going to stay on their property but after looking at the roads, I'm not sure we can get the truck and trailer to their place so we are going to stay in a RV Park, probably in Monticello and drive to their house and see if I can get the trailer there.

This trip will be to take some things to the grand and great grand kids. We bought a real nice wooden rocking horse for the smaller kids at a yard sale and are looking forward to giving it to them.

This probably won't happen for three weeks or a month, but we would like to get there before it gets too hot in southern Utah.

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  1. Your trees look beautiful!! I keep looking at the forecast for the next couple of weeks. PLEASE let there be no snow coming or going. I don't care once I'm there! LOL I'll be in Heber City after the rally and have an extra day. Is there an RV park anywhere near you?? It would probably be cheaper than mailing those boxes!

  2. We are headed for our first 100 degree day this week. Your trees are so beautiful. I can just picture your yard in bloom. Incredible.