Thursday, April 6, 2017

Back in Utah

Riverton, Utah         High 73 low 49

We drove all the way from Yuma to Riverton in one day. While it is a little over 700 miles and is a lot of driving in one day, it is doable.

The weather here is a lot cooler than in Yuma and if you're not used to it feels a little cool. I guess I became used to the 85 degree days and mid 60 degree nights. Salt Lake City is supposed to get down to freezing by this weekend and then I will really freeze.

This morning I went to see the vampires for blood tests before my Dr appointment next Monday. There was another man there getting blood drawn that they had trouble getting enough blood so the ended up going into both arms. At least mine went well.

We got some other things done and have a lot to do before we leave with Cindy's Mom and Sister next month. I have a lot of quilts to finish up. Cindy wants to get her quilt blocks ready for her class next year in Yuma.

We will probably go see Linda this week-end for the schedule of places to stay and see where we are going this summer.

I hope to write more while we are traveling.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Good luck with the doc. That's what we are doing this month - doctors. Oh joy. Don't freeze.

  2. Brr, sounds cold we soon be home and doing the doctor thing as well.