Monday, February 24, 2014

Meeting Bloggers and More Glass Pictures.

Mesa, Arizona High 79 Low 54

It was another nice day. We had an appointment to meet fellow bloggers at the Native New Yorkers for lunch. There were Cindy and I, Gordon and Juanita Pierce, Rod Ivers, Jim and Sandi Dixon, and Sandi’s friends Susan. I’m sorry I didn’t catch her last name. She is a blogger staying and working at the Good Life RV Park, another Cal-Am park about 1/2 mile from us.

This was Cindy's and two other ladies lunch. I had a crispy chicken sandwich. Everyone seemed to like their meals.

Susan told us they were having a quilt show at her Park this afternoon, and we were welcome to visit and see the quilts. They were very nicely done quilts and it was worth going to see.

Here are some of Cindy’s pictures from the Cactus Garden and you can see that we look at things differently through the camera lens.


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  1. Cindy - gorgeous pictures. Sure was good to see you yesterday. It was a really fun lunch.