Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Lots of Rain and Penny is My Buddy Again

 Yuma, Arizona         High 57 Low 43

Yesterday it rained hard for most of the morning. It is as much rain as I have seen since we have been in Yuma. Then it got very windy and cold. It has been cold all day. All the retention ponds in our Park got full of water but today there is only one with any water left. The people that live next to it say they have river view property.

After Nancy left, Penny wants to sit on somebody's lap, usually mine. So I guess Penny and I are still friends.

We have been busy working on quilts and Cindy finish one large quilt. She has another one almost finished.

Cindy tells me that she wants to be sure I can stay busy when we get back to Utah. From the pictures, you can tell Cindy likes scrappy quilts, most of which are king size.

Meanwhile we have mostly been staying home. There is not a lot going on here in our Park.

We do get out and walk a lot more here than back in Utah.

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  1. Being able to get out for walks and enjoying moderate temperatures looks like real treat. Penny looks comfortable on your lap.
    Beautiful quilt.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Aww that little sweet Penny. She's so darn cute!! Wow ... there's another epic quilt! I don't know where Cindy finds those patterns, but they are just gorgeous. That one is beyond beautiful!! Keep on sewing ........