Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween October 31, 2013

Florence, Oregon High 57 Low 46

Today we left for Florence. It rained lightly all day, and had rained most of the night. So far we haven’t had any hard rains. The weatherman on TV said it wasn't raining, it was an enhanced drizzle. Whatever that means. 

On the way south, we stopped at a turn-out. Down below us there were a bunch of sea lions in the ocean. They were just kind of bobbing in the water, with only their noses sticking out. There also was one sitting on the rocks. He kept barking. I will post their pictures when I have better internet.

We traveled about 65 miles south of where we were yesterday. It was a short, relaxing drive. My GPS caused a little concern. A screen came on that said to turn off Highway 101 because there was a tunnel with low headroom. It said 11.5 feet, and we are 13.5 feet. The major problem was there was no other way to go, except down 101, so we kept going. As we got to the tunnel, which wasn't a very long tunnel, the sides were 11’ 6” and the middle was 14’ 6”. So all I did was wait until no cars we coming toward us, and stayed in the middle if the road. It turned out to be no big thing.
We got parked at the Three River Casino. They ask that you sign in with Security. He told us we could stay up to 7 days, but we will move before that. There seem to be quite a few RVers boondocking here.

They also have a players club that gives you $10.00 in free slot play, and because it’s the last day of the month, tomorrow we get another $10.00 each. We left with $14.00 ahead. It’s kind of nice to play with their money.

This Casino has a breakfast and lunch buffet for $9.99 each. On Mondays, there is a senior discount which puts the lunch and breakfast buffets at $6.99.

We drove through Old Town Florence at about 3:30 this afternoon. There were all ready trick or treaters going from store to store. It looked like all the employees were dressed in costumes.

I have included some of the Halloween pictures Cindy has been taking for the last week or so. We watched the pumpkin carver for a little while. He told us the large pumpkin weighed 1250 pounds.

 This is Cindy's Halloween quilt, which she finish on this trip.
This is a huge pumpkin!

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