Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Foggy Day October 22, 2013

Neskowin, Oregon High 66 Low 46

Today was foggy all day, and unlike normal when it burns of by noon, it never did clear up. We decided to go for a ride to see some of the beaches in Pacific City.

But first, I got a comment from Nan about Cindy’s salmon chowder. She asked, where was the recipe. Well, when I asked Cindy, she said she didn't have a recipe. She just made it like clam chowder, only using salmon instead of clams. She says she adds some of this and some of that, and then tastes it. When she gets the taste she wants, she calls it good enough. She did fry the small pieces of salmon, and it did taste really good. Good enough that we have had it three times, and it still is excellent. By the way, Cindy is a very good cook.
The first beach we went to was on the south end of Pacific City. It is a state park. We had to go over a small hill to get to the beach, and could hear the waves crashing before we got to the ocean. The waves seemed higher than we have seen before. As we walked along, we noticed lots of jelly fish on the beach. Cindy said she would be afraid to go barefoot because of all of them.

Theses were some of the smaller jelly fish.

We then went to the beach on the north end of town. It is the same one we had gone to before, but this time the fog was quite thick. We went for another walk, and again there were lots of jelly fish on this beach. Last time we were here we didn't see any. Maybe it’s because of the higher waves. When we first got to the beach, we could see the large rock out in the ocean. When we got back to the same spot, the fog had come in a lot more, and we couldn't see the rock.

This is one of the larger jelly fish. 

We both thought this piece of drift wood resembled an anchor.The picture below is of all the barnacles on it. It has been in the water for a long time.

On the way back to the fiver, a herd of deer crossed the bridge in front of us. Cindy was able to get several pictures.

That was about it for the day. Thanks for visiting.

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