Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drive up the Canyon October 6, 2013

Yesterday Cindy wanted to drive up the canyon to see the fall leaves. We did see some leaves, but a lot of the four letter word. More about that later.

Before we went up the canyon, I had found a family run estate sale. We have always liked these sales. It seems like you can get lot better prices than company ran sales. They had some material and some clothes for our granddaughter. Cindy also found some cleaning supplies. They had a purple quilt, that Cindy thought our granddaughter would like. We got about 5 yards of denim, Cindy got 4 brand new shirts for her, and all the rest for $23.00. Now you see why we like family estate sales.

We then drove up the canyon. Some of the leaves we colorful, but nowhere near as spectacular as New England. But, we also came across the four letter word--Snow! The higher mountains have lots of snow on them, and we even drove in some of it on the turn-outs. It is definitely time to leave here for a while, after all, we weren't supposed to be home till Thanksgiving. Even if we get rained on in Oregon, it will be better than Snow.

You can see some color, but some of the leaves have fallen at the higher elevations.

We came upon this small herd of deer at the top of the canyon. They seemed totally unafraid of us, while we took their picture. What looks like a wall is actually a house. We were across the small road from them, maybe 50 yards.

I worked on Devon's quilt and will have it finished today. He is looking forward to having it done. Most of it is an overall meander, but I'm going to do something else on the lion.

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