Friday, October 4, 2013

More quilts October 4, 2013

I haven't felt well the last few days. Today I finally got feeling better. I seem to have a cold, which I probably got from the grandkids.

I did manage to finish the quilt I have been working on for the last week. It took me quite a while, but I think it turned out OK.  I hope the pictures do it justice. This is one of the quilts Cindy finished while we were gone to Alaska.

 We are trying to finish Devon's quilt, and it looks like we will be able to before we leave. The tentative day is next Tuesday. We are not sure, but probably will still go back to Oregon.

This picture is his quilt. He drew the lion head and Cindy appliqued it on. Not too bad for a third grader. Cindy also let him pick out the material for the borders. I'll put more picture of it when it is complete.

We spent part of the day at the sewing machine store in Jo-Ann's trying to learn the 5D program. Cindy was having some trouble getting it to do what she wanted, and found out she was in the wrong part of her program. Aren't computers wonderful? Only when they work the way their supposed to!

We have been shopping and getting everything ready to go. The truck and trailer are ready, but we may have to get a few more groceries. I know I'm ready, but hope Cindy doesn't end up getting sick. She says she can travel sick, so don't worry.

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