Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rockaway Beach, Oregon October 10, 2013

 This morning we bought some more fabric at Fabric Depot. A little more doesn’t hurt. We couldn’t get into the RV Park until 4:00 so we went to the quilt show at the Portland Convention Center.

They had quilts from all over the country, and most of them were very well made. Most looked like they were for show and were not at all practical, but pretty none the less.

 The pictures on this quilt were placed on the fabric by the color and how the thread was put on. Notice that the back is a mirror image of the front.

 There was also a group of what Cindy called borders. They were 6 inches wide and 60 inches long. They used only 3 colors to depict the seasons of the year.

We were both surprised by the small number of vendors at the show. The shows we have been to in Salt Lake have a lot more vendors. We did buy some more quilt patterns from one of the designers we both like and have a lot of others of hers.

Part of the show was a group of 25 quilts that the lady that quilted them said they were tops that we made in the 1910’s to 1940’s. She found unquilted tops and then quilted them. Some of the old tops were striking. Someone asked her where she found them, and she said yard sales, estate sales, and even eBay. She had done a good job quilting them.
We left the quilt show at about 1:00 and then drove to the RV Park here in Rockaway Beach. We arrived at about 3:30, and had to wait a few minutes for the security man to show up. They had sites by the water, or up on the hill. The ones up on the hill were much larger, and we decided we would rather be in the larger site. They are a lot nicer. The site we have is almost as wide as 2 would normally be. The whole area is surrounded by trees. We both like it better than the ones by the water.

We are not sure what we will be doing tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.

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