Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Quilt Trail October 13, 2013

From Tillamook County brochure: In January of 2009, representatives from several city and county organizations began meeting with the intent of building a Quilt Trail. The goal: to create a tie between our rich local history and the wonderful talents of local quilters, with the added benefit of encouraging tourists to spend a little more time in our community.

     The Quilt Trail is very popular in the East, as there are approximately 3,000 quilt blocks mounted on barns and businesses. The nearest to Tillamook is in Nebraska. With the help of many, we were able to obtain grants to get started and by fair time, thirteen 8X8 foot wooden blocks were displayed along a self-guided auto route with a brochure available for the trail. With an initial run of 5,000 brochures and increased interest in the trail, we have since gone through an additional 15,000. The trail, the first of its kind on the West Coast, generated interest from as far away as North Carolina.

In 2010, the Quilt Trail extended into Tillamook and 30 quilt blocks were mounted on buildings of interested citizens and businesses within the city. This, along with the original trail, had the happy result of drawing tourists to the area specifically to see the quilt blocks.

The expansion also resulted in a waiting list of over 50 wishing to join the quilt trail. Coalition members took a deep breath: 30 more 4X4 foot blocks were made and five more 8X8 foot blocks. The group of 7 set to work and by the June Dairy Parade, the number of blocks throughout central Tillamook County, edging into north and south county, had blossomed to 81. The coalition is now waiting for energetic souls to step forward to head committees for those northern and southern portions of the county and expand the trail.

Yesterday in our travels we saw several of the above described quilt blocks and have included some of the pictures. The ones on the quilt stores are also on preceding posts. We have seen others, but were unable to get photos.


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