Monday, October 21, 2013

Relaxing Day October 21,2013

Neskowin, Oregon High 66 Low 46

Today we woke up to fog. It finally burned off by about noon. It didn't feel like it really got up to 66, but that’s what the weather forecasters said it was. The wind is supposed to change and warm things up some, but more fog is in the forecast for the next couple of days.

Today we tried out the swimming pool and hot tub at the Park. It is an indoor pool, and was pretty nice.  We probably will try it again before we leave.

We spent the afternoon swimming and watching a movie. Cindy is still working on more quilt blocks and a scrappy quilt. She finished one while we have been in Oregon. This one is lap quilt size and is smaller than she usually makes. Also this is the first time she has used shades of purple. I think it turned out quite nice.

We found two books which tell where all the quilt shops are in the US. The larger one also tells where all the quilt shows are, and when, if they are regularly scheduled shows. We probably will design our travels next year to see as many as we can.  We can’t miss any quilt stores. LOL Also the shows are a plus.

Cindy made salmon chowder out of the pieces of salmon I had saved when I was learning how to fillet the fish this summer. It really tasted good. We bought some bread bowls which, I think, made it better. 

While I was spraying silicon lube on everything, I noticed the same cable on the slide is starting to fray, and will have to be replaced, again. This makes the third cable and always the same one. I wasn't able to find anything out of line, but something must be. The YouTube video I watched on replacing it said that out of alignment was the usual cause of breakage. I might end up going to a dealer and have them see if they can figure out what is breaking the cable.

We think we have seen all the sightseeing things in this area, so probably will just hang out the next two days.

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  1. And no recipe posted for the Salmon Chowder? I used to fillet our catch for John.