Friday, October 25, 2013

The Oregon Coast October 25, 2013

Lincoln City Oregon High 57 Low 45
Today was another foggy day. By noon it had warmed up to 52 degrees (yes, Sandi, that’s a lot cooler than your 80’s), and we decided to go down the coast to Newport. As we traveled south there are many view points, and we could see why we came to the Oregon coast. It is still green and the scenery is still wonderful, even though it is not as warm as Arizona.

We got some good pictures of the coast, and it was not as foggy as it’s been. Cindy missed getting the picture of the pelicans flying in formation, but I managed to get them. The ocean didn’t look as rough as it has been other days.

One of our stops is called Cape Foulweater. It was discovery by Captain James Cook in March of 1778. The weather was particularly bad the day he discovered the Cape (winds of 100 MPH are not unusual). Captain Cook named the Cape Foulweather which was the first geologic location named on his voyage to the Pacific Coast. Once reports of this voyage were published, worldwide interest in the region was aroused, and the fur trade followed.

The end of the small strip of land behind us is Devil's Punch-bowl.

Part of what we could see from the lookout is named the Devil’s Punch-bowl. There are also some small beaches we could see.

We continued to Newport and went shopping at Wal-Mart. We will save the quilt stores for another day.

On the way back, I made Cindy a bet about the name of one of the towns we went through. I lost, and have to cook dinner. Cindy says it is a rarity, and is really enjoying it. I only cook when I have to, like when she couldn't in Alaska. That’s what I get for marrying such a good cook. (Cindy proof read this post and says flattery is not going to get me out of cooking tonight.)

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