Saturday, October 19, 2013

More sightseeing October 19, 2013

 Neskowin, Oregon High 64 Low 43

Today we drove past the small town of Otis. We drove a way up the Salmon River and there were a lot of fishermen, I assume fishing for salmon. We stopped and watched for a little while, but didn't see any fish caught.

We had read about an old covered bridge and wanted to see it.  It was originally built in 1914, and moved to its present location starting in 1998. It was finally finished in 2001. It was moved and rebuilt mostly by the efforts of one very dedicated couple. Although it is on private property, the owners have it set up to let anyone who wants, to see and walk through the bridge, the only request is you do not drive through it.

Years ago, a while after the movie came out, we went to see the bridges of Madison County, Iowa. While we were there we went to the town of Winterset, and many of the places in the movie are still there. We also saw the birthplace Of John Wayne. It is now a museum in his honor. This bridge reminded me of the bridges there, and looks a lot like them.

Also by the bridge there is a barn with some old horse drawn buggies that I was able to get pictures of them. They   looked to be completely restored.

This afternoon there was a potluck in the clubhouse. The park supplied hot dogs and hamburgers. It was pretty well attended, although someone mentioned that there weren’t as many people as the last time this was held in the park. There was lot of good food, and I’m afraid I overate.

When we got back to the fiver, there were two bunnies waiting for us. They were busy eating grass, and one of them was braver than the other. It stuck around a while and poised for us.

It was a pretty quiet day. Thanks for visiting.

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