Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moving Day October 24, 2013

 Lincoln City, Oregon High 61 Low 45

Today we were supposed to leave the other Park at noon, but we couldn't check in the next one till 2:00, so we asked permission to stay later. They told us no problem because the Park is far from full. Cindy took a picture of where we were in the other Park, and a picture of Bunny Lane. We were on Elk Lane, but didn't see any elk. We did see lots of Bunnies in the park and not just on Bunny Lane. Yesterday we got to see a Bunny, with what looked like straw, going down a hole through one of the decks, I assume to build a nest to have more Bunnies.
Our site at the first park.

Each row is almost 1/4 mile long.

This Park has an indoor pool and hot tub.
 After we left, we saw the sunshine as we went over the small mountain. We had hopes that the sunshine would continue, but as we came down the hill, the fog came back and it got chilly again. It is supposed to get sunny by Sunday. I sure hope so.

This Park is not as nice as the last one, and the only place I can get internet is at the office, which is quite a ways from the campground. However, they have twice as many cable channels. We are quite a bit closer to Lincoln City and Newport, even though we only traveled a half hour, about 20 miles. The Park is Adequate, but nothing special. We are here with Coast to Coast. The total charge for 7 nights was $31.50 (4.50 per day). Cindy took a picture of their sign at the office and one of the campgrounds. You can see how far away it is. We are close to a river, which has salmon running in it. I don’t plan on doing any fishing here.
The actual park is almost .4 miles from the office!
Our site at this Park.  
We are going to do some sightseeing south of here, but I don’t know if it will be tomorrow.

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  1. Now those are my kind of travel days. But it does look dreary. Hope you get some sunshine before too long.