Saturday, October 12, 2013

Paradise Cove Resort October 12, 2013

It rained a good part of the night, sometimes very hard. By about 10:00 it had stopped and the sun tried to come out. After that it was a pleasant day.

We decided to go to Tillamook to visit the local fabric store. They had a lot of quilts on display, and we got a few pictures. But first from a handout on Tillamook: "Tillamook, Oregon Land of cheese, trees, and ocean breeze." Tillamook was the first community to be settled in the county, is on the east shore of Tillamook Bay. It first bore the name Hoquarton, believed to have been an Indian name meaning "the landing;" and was later changed to Tillamook, meaning "land of many waters." 
     The first settler in the vicinity was Joseph Champion, who came in 1851 and made his home in a hollow spruce tree he called his "castle." Within months other settlers  came, all bachelors. In 1852, the first two families arrived to make their homes. Each year brought more families and on December 15, 1855, Tillamook county was created by an act of legislature.
     In 1859, the tax roll for the county listed 48 taxpayers worth $29,774.75. Total tax was $428.17.
     In 1885, Tillamook County boasted 3,335 sheep, 30 goats, 2,207 hogs, 19 mules, 4,4430 cattle, 500 legal voters and 352 females over 18.
     In 2011, the population of Tillamook is 4,675, The population of the county is over 25,000, with just about the same number of cows.
From this picture, you can see the Quilt blocks. I'll talk about them tomorrow.

Notice my wallet out.

We then went south to a quilt store in Clover Dale. It is out in the farmland, and is in the basement of the owners’ home. The whole ceiling is covered with quilts, and they have a lot of fabric. It is on the shop hop, and we got another couple of blocks.

This is on a board by the beach.
 We decided to take another road back to Tillamook which went by the ocean, rather than inland by the main highway. We came to the town of Pacific City, and stopped at the large beach there. Today, being Columbus Day weekend, there were a lot of people on the beach. There were also a lot of surfboarders in the water. Cindy managed to get a shot of one just as he was falling. We spent some time there and Cindy got some good shots of the scenery.

Just before he capsized!

 We then went back to Tillamook, and decided to go to the Cheese Factory. They had a lot of good samples of cheese. The factory itself was not working today. I assumed because of the holiday, but I don’t know. The only thing we saw going on was a couple of the large vats being cleaned. On the way out, there is a special quilt for the cheese factory on the stairway wall, and Cindy got a picture of it.


After that we came back to the fiver and Cindy sewed some more quilt blocks.

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