Monday, October 14, 2013

Just relaxing October 14, 2013

Rockaway Beach, Oregon High 63 low 45

We chose not to do too much today. We both worked on one of Cindy's quilt blocks. It was a lot warmer than it has been, with no rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

Early this afternoon, I decided to clean the truck and trailer. I had to conserve the use of water, as there are rules against washing vehicles. I felt like there was enough moisture already on the truck, that I could do a fairly good job just brushing it and then just rinse it off a little bit. It turned out a lot nicer, but not like if I could have used the hose.

It was a nice enough day, that we decided to walk around the RV Park and see what it had to offer. Down on road there are sites that are in the trees, but don't have sewer hook-ups. It was really quite nice anyway. I had noticed dump stations in the Park, and I guess they are for the sites with no sewer. They all have water and power. It really is a lot nicer park than we thought at first when we saw the spaces by the water.

Cindy got her computer going and is trying out her EQ7 program. It even has the Hummel patterns she liked in Fairbanks, and is busy designing the quilt. When we go back home and get her embroidery machine, she will make the quilt.

We probably will just relax the rest of the week, until we move again on Thursday.

Since we are on the Oregon coast I borrowed this picture from the Weavers from their stay in Oregon.

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