Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lunch at the Casino and more Coast Pictures October 29, 2013

Lincoln City, Oregon High 57 Low 32

When we woke up this morning, everything was covered with frost. It was a lot colder than it has been. The weather forecasters last night said there would be frost and this time they were right. The day was sunny and it soon warmed up (to the mid 50’s). It was a nice bright day, even though it was cold.

Cindy wanted to go to the Cold Water Creek Outlet store ant the Outlet Mall. She didn't find anything to her liking, even though it was an outlet store. I dodged the bullet that time. LOL

We then went to Safeway’s, and as we were leaving, I got a knock on my window. It was a drunken panhandler. He was staggering around, and asked for some money. He said a couple of hundred would really help him out. I’ll bet it would. This is the first time I've ever been asked for that kind of donation.

We had wanted to take advantage of the Tuesday Boomer Buffet. It was only $5.95 for Boomers today, and was as good as it was the last time. It’s kind of had to beat that price for lunch. We both over-ate, and it was late enough that we are going to forego dinner tonight.

We didn't take any pictures tonight, so I am going to post some more of Cindy’s Coast pictures.

Lots of sea birds on this large rock.

 I think it's neat to watch the pelicans fly over the ocean. When the front one turns, the rest just seem to  follow.
Fishing boat headed out.

Newport Marina.

Entrance to Devil's Punch-bowl.

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